Bubble milk tea: pearls are digestible, but the sweetness is what is worrying.

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In addition to fresh coffee Drinks that are hot and very popular come together during this time. You probably can’t escape bubble milk tea. In addition to getting the refreshing, sweet scent of milk tea or many other types of drinks that are available to choose from, there are also pearls or powdered granules to chew and enjoy with the drink.

Bubble milk tea is call Bubble Tea in English, meaning foam tea or tea with air bubbles. Because when we shake Foam will form on top of the tea. The harder and faster you shake, the more mellow the flavor will be. As for pearls or pearls that Taiwanese people call puapa (Boba), they are the true heart of deliciousness. Which is made from cassava starch Delicious pearls must be chewy but just right. When chewed, it is soft and soft. Nowadays, there are many different colors and flavors of pearls, adding to the novelty. But the most popular are brown-black pearls. that mixes caramel, syrup, and brown sugar

Pearls that are in the milk tea that we often eat. Slightly chewy that comes with a mild sweet taste Mix with a strong drink, many people are addict to it and can’t stop drinking it.

It is ยูฟ่าเบท explain that Pearls in various drinks Made from stir-fried tapioca flour mixed with brown sugar syrup. color flavoring Then shape it into pellets. before going to boil again (Imagine making lotus seeds.) Therefore, it is food that is not difficult to digest. Because the human body can easily digest starch and sugar.

Therefore, having food made from starch and sugar. Such as pearls, in an undigest state in the stomach, intestines, and even the anus. So it’s impossible. But if you feel bloated or indigestion, you may have a chance. But it’s because of eating food. (Whatever) is too much.

Even though eating pearls isn’t so dangerous that you shouldn’t eat a lot of them. But it is not recommend to eat a lot. Because of the ingredients of pearls such as flour and sugar. gain weight There is excess fat that doesn’t burn off all the energy, easily causing fat rings around the waist, hips, and thighs. You should also be careful when sucking pearls from a straw into your mouth. Because the rhythm of sucking forcefully into the mouth Pearls can slip into your throat without you having time to chew them. Or we may swallow by not chewing the pearl thoroughly. Which can be dangerous and can get stuck in the windpipe and cause suffocation