Ways to provide first aid when bitten by a Centipede

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Centipede bites are often found in During the rainy season there is regular flooding. Causing the centipedes to escape the water and enter the house. Many people may be bite by a centipede without realizing it. But centipede bites are generally not life-threatening. and can initially provide first aid to wounds or bites yourself To relieve various symptoms that occur 

A centipede is an animal that has a pair of poisonous fangs on its head that it uses to bite its prey. The poison contains many chemicals that cause inflammation, such as serotonin or histamine. The amount of poison and the level of pain in the skin depends on the size. Centipede This means that if you are bite by a large centipede you will get more venom and feel more pain than if you are bite by a small centipede.

UFABET states that centipedes are a type of arthropod. Found in the humid tropics, lives on land. The body size can be up to 38 centimeters in length, with each segment having 1 pair of legs, making many legs, possibly consider to be 100, and centipedes have 1 pair of poisonous fangs. Therefore, when Biting a person can release venom from the fangs. The substances in centipede venom are both enzymatic and non-enzymatic substances. 

After being bite by a centipede The bitten person may experience mild to severe pain. There is itching and swelling in the wound. And some patients’ wounds are dangerous and can even cause death. In addition, some people have allergic reactions to centipede venom. There may be swelling of the face, eyelids, and lips, a rash all over the body, difficulty breathing, and feeling dizzy. Or if there are very severe symptoms It may even lead to death.

If the patient clearly knows that the wound was cause by a centipede bite and the symptoms are not severe. You can provide first aid to relieve various symptoms in the initial manner as follows.

  • Wash the wound and surrounding skin with soap and water and pat dry. You should not cut the wound or apply herbs to the wound yourself. Because there may be a risk of skin infection.
  • Apply a cold compress with cool gel or an ice pack wrappe in a towel on the skin that was bite by the centipede. To relieve swelling and itching Patients may apply heat or soak the skin in warm water to reduce pain. However, this method may make symptoms worse.
  • Take common household medicines or over-the-counter medicines that are appropriate for centipede bite symptoms. Such as painkillers, antihistamines, or anti-inflammation medicines . Patients should take medicines strictly according to the medicine label or the pharmacist’s instructions. If you have any questions, you should always consult your pharmacist first.