Ways to treat gout without medication

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Gout is cause by high levels of uric acid in the blood over a long period of time, causing crystals to accumulate in the joints. cause inflammation Severe pain and swelling. Uric acid is like waste in the body left over from getting rid of expire cells. Each person’s body is made up of approximately 80 percent uric acid, while the other 20 percent is usually obtain from the food that they eat. Gout is most often found in males aged 30 years and above. For females, it is most common in women after menopause. 

Symptoms of gout can appear in many different forms: Arthritis is usually acute. At first it is usually just one thing. It most often occurs at the base of the big toe, ankle, or knee joint. It is characterize by pain, swelling, redness, heat, pain when pressed, and may be accompanied by a fever. Some people found lumps of tophus. This is cause by the accumulation of urate crystals in soft tissues, joints, bones, and cartilage. They are often found around the elbows, สมัคร ufabet, corns, fingers, and toes, and stones in the urinary tract. Found in approximately 10-25 percent of patients with gout.

Factors that cause uric acid levels in the blood to become high and cause crystals to precipitate include:

  • Eating foods high in uric acid, such as meat, organ meats, seafood, and alcoholic beverages. and drinks containing fructose
  • Illnesses that affect increased cell production, such as cancer,  leukemia (leukemia),  psoriasis
  • An illness that causes the body to produce more uric acid than normal. At the same time, it reduces the body’s ability to remove uric acid from the body, such as obesity  , diabetes, high blood pressure , and kidney disease.
  • use of certain medicines That results in the kidneys being able to excrete less uric acid through the urine.

Non-drug treatment can be achieve by changing behavior regarding eating and drinking along with taking care of co-morbidities. and risk factors for gout 

  • When symptoms of arthritis flare up, you should choose to eat protein from eggs, tofu, milk and low-fat dairy products. 
  • Reduce consumption of all types of meat. Including foods that are high in purines, such as animal organs, fish eggs, and various vegetable shoots. 
  • Reduce eating fruits that are very sweet. Fruit juices and beverages containing fructose, such as ready-to-drink green tea 
  • Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages. 
  • You should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. 
  • If you eat any type of food and have arthritis symptoms, avoid that type of food. To prevent arthritis