Cod liver oil.

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Cod liver oil is an oil extracted from the liver of fish. Most of them are marine fish such as cod fish, so called cod liver oil in English. It is full of high vitamins A and D. Which vitamin A helps build skin and bone mucosa, builds immunity to disease. And help nourish the eyes to be able to see well in the dark or in dimly lit places. If lacking vitamin A may cause blurred vision at night And in the long run, it may be night blindness.

As for vitamin D, it helps calcium absorption. And phosphorus from food through the intestinal mucosa into the body. Patients with kidney disease if taking vitamin D will increase the absorption of calcium back. and more phosphorus. In addition, when vitamin D is associated with calcium Children with vitamin D deficiency will have bone problems. until it may be at risk for ricketsUFABET

But even though is rich in vitamins A and D, liver is a high cholesterol food source. Therefore, taking cod liver oil more than necessary. It may cause our bodies to have too high cholesterol as well. In addition, vitamin A And D is a fat-soluble vitamin. If you eat a lot and inadequate intake of fat May contain vitamin A And too much good accumulates in the body until it can cause harm. Therefore, if you want to buy cod liver oil supplements to eat should study how to eat. The amount that you should eat to fit your own body and time to eat well.