How to cope with stress?

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When stress comes Some people were able to cope and get through it without any problems. But some people just can’t handle the stress. Until negatively affecting the mental health state and physical condition followed:

  1. Keep in mind that things are not always in your control.

Even if we plan well and how great skills But unexpected or unexpected things can happen. So keep in mind that things are not always in our control. If acceptable, it will help calm the mind.

  1. Take a break when you feel cramping in your stomach and your heart beating fast.

When there is pain in the stomach and heart beats fast Immediately stop activities, then take deep and slow breaths, concentrate on your breath. As you inhale, feel the air reaching your lungs and stomach. while exhaling I could feel the movement of my lungs and my stomach collapse. Do this slowly 5-10 times before returning to work UFABET

  1. focus on one subject Avoid doing many things

Multitasking at the same time drains energy. In addition to making you feel tired. It also results in not working at full efficiency as well, so if you feel that everything is coming to us too much. Choose to do only one piece of work. and focus on that along with turning off the sound of email notifications including all social media

  1. There should be a break of 3-4 minutes to allow the brain to rest.

After 20 minutes of hard work, give yourself 3-4 minutes to rest. Get up and walk, stretch. change some gestures for the body to relax before returning to work But if you have to work at your desk continuously for up to 50 minutes, you should take a break of 10 minutes longer before returning to work again.