Another award! ‘Gavi’ wins Golden Boy 2022

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Sweeping another award for Barcelona’s star midfielder Gavi, who won the Golden Award. This year’s boy goes to dominate.

The Spain midfielder has had a great year at Camp Nou and has become just the 20th player to win the award for the Under-21 Player of the Year

. with Jude Bellingham, Eduardo Kamawinga and Jamal Musiala. The award will be officially present on November 7.

Gavi follows in the footsteps of former Barça star Leo. Neil Messi and Pedri for winning the Golden Boy award, as well as the likes of Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappe, Joao Felix. , Wayne Rooney and Cesc Fabregas

He is a product of La Masia’s academy and was spurr on to the first team. At the start of the 2021-22 season. Before being give 47 appearances in the first and current seasons. It became the core of the team

. Gabi has also stepped up to be a main force for the Spanish national team with 12 appearances. On the field and is expect to be a key player for next month’s World Cup squad.

Gavi recently won the Copa Trophy from France Football , the organizers of the Ballon d’Or. This is an award given to players. Under the age of 21 who show outstanding form.

for the golden award Boy is an award organized by UFABET Italian newspapers. And let journalists and experts around the world vote on the best candidates for the award.