Conte worried that Kulusevski might make a comeback after the World Cup

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Tottenham manager Antonio Conte is worried that Dejan Kulusevski. May have to wait until the World Cup to return to fitness.

The Sweden international has not played since mid-September. Due to problems with hamstring injuries

And the Italian is worried he won’t see Kulusevski back on the pitch until after next month’s World Cup.

Asked if he was worried that Kulusevski might be out until Christmas, Conte said: “I’m worried, his recovery has been going well but one day it’s getting worse. When something like this happens, we have to start over. It’s going to take time, it

‘s going to take time. If you are good at solving this problem quickly, it might mean extra points.”

“When you have both Kulusevski and Richarlison injured, Lucas is not available to start and this situation is definitely going to make it difficult for you. the UFABET report

” Sonny, who’s in good shape (laughs). Hopefully, I hope it stays that way or I’ll have to put on my boots!”

While Kulusevski was gone, Conte tried it out. Richarlison, in the right wing, before transforming to a 3-5-2 by sending Ives Bissouma in midfield against Manchester United on Wednesday but lost 2-0

. They face Newcastle United who are in good form on Sunday and if they lose, they will be stoked by “Salikadong” with just two points left.