ETH confirms ‘Ronaldo’ swiped down the reserve against the chicken

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Erik ten Hag confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo refused to feature as a substitute against Tottenham and said he had to be punished because he had been warned.

Ronaldo walked from the bench and plunged into the tunnel ahead of Wednesday’s 2-0 win over Spurs, and also left the pitch before Ten Hag and the team returned to the dressing room.

The Dutch coach confirmed that the 37-year-old refused to play as a substitute, as previously reported. This would result in Ronaldo being dropped from the kit against Chelsea on Saturday.

When asked if Ronaldo had refused to feature as a substitute in the game, Ten Hag replied: “Yes. “

I’m the manager and it’s my responsibility to make the team the best culture, to set standards and values ​​and I have to control that.”

“We are a team and within a team, we have values ​​and standards and I have to control that. I told him after the Rayo Vallecano game it was unacceptable but it’s not just him, it’s for everyone. So when a second one happens there has to be

a consequence. Football is a team sport and you have to meet certain standards. And I have to control that.”

Ronaldo trained alone today (Friday), with a fitness coach supervising him and will not be part of the squad for the trip to Chelsea, the UFABET report

expected . that he will return to practice with the first team on Monday To prepare for the game against Sheriff in the Europa League next Thursday and Ten Hag insists Ronaldo is still a key player for the team.

“The talk is between Cristiano and me, he will miss the game tomorrow. The team will miss him, but it’s important for the team’s attitude and mindset. Now we have to focus on Chelsea, which is important. He is also an important part of the team.”