How many types of online lottery?

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Online lottery is a new form of fortune telling. That is becoming very popular in the era where technology and modernity have entered everyday life. Because online lottery is convenient, easy and meets the needs of people. Who love to bet on lottery as much as possible. Especially online lottery website King Of Lotto, which is an online lottery betting website. Online lottery betting service provider, ufabet camp, famous online lottery and has been providing services for more than 5 years. As well as on the website also offers a variety of online lottery services. Lottery fans can choose to play and risk their luck. Including Thai lottery, foreign lottery, stock market lottery, Laos lottery, Hanoi lottery, Yi Ki lottery and many more.

Online lottery, ufabet at King of Lotto, in addition to being a major service provider. There is also an online lottery that is fully supply. Which when talking about lottery Lottery betting with the dealer, sometimes. We can only play Thai lottery or government lottery. But if it is an online lottery, then there are many types of services. Therefore, in this topic, we will talk about how many types of online lotteries are there. Let me tell you that online lottery website King Of Lotto, online lottery website, ufabet, offers all services. You will definitely get your luck and luck.

Type 1 online lottery, government lottery

Government lottery is the national lottery of Thai people. For a long time since the reign of King Rama 3, officially known as government lottery This type of lottery will depend directly on the Thai government. How to play is just guessing different numbers. To match the results of the award This includes both legal and illegal play, commonly known as Underground lottery betting. In which both types will use the same prize results announced by the state. 

Lottery type 2, Hanoi lottery

Hanoi lottery or Vietnam lottery It is another type of lottery that is not less popular in Thailand because the method of playing and the prize draw is not much different from the government lottery. But there is a difference that Thai Lottery will issue prizes every month twice a month. The prize will be issued by the government itself. But the Hanoi lottery or Vietnam lottery will be issued by the office of Vietnam every day, with the result announcement time at 6 o’clock in Thailand time. This means that lottery fans will be able to win luck every day, and can join in the fun and win prizes through online lottery websites at online lottery websites such as King of Lotto

Lottery 3rd type of Laos lottery.

Laos lottery, also known as animal lottery Because the symbols are used as different types of animals instead of numbers. And the results of the award announcement according to the government of Laos PDR. The highlight as mentioned is that the Lao lottery will bring animals to represent different numbers from 00-99 by “animal number”. There are 40 types of animals together and each animal. But if you understand how to play and study seriously, you will find that Laos lottery or animal lottery is a lottery that is easy to play, very enjoyable to play. And Laos lottery also announces different prizes from Thai lottery. Where the Laos lottery results will be announced twice a week, that is, Monday and Thursday at 2:30 PM in our home

Lottery 4th type of lottery, Yi Ki lottery

Yi Ki Lottery is another type of lottery that is commonly found on online gambling websites and online lottery websites. will have the same results. Including the price paid to the customer as well Which the web owner will determine the price by playing Yi Kee lottery is a little complicated for new players. The basic playing method will be played as follows: For playing. Yi Ki lottery Everyone will take part in the prize draw. Which will give you to fill in numbers or called ‘shooting 5 digits’ such as 12345, 67890, which can shoot 5 numbers into it, can shoot as many rounds as you want Until the time of the prize draw, after that, the system will add all the numbers together. 

Type 5 lottery, stock lottery

for stock lottery Refers to the lottery that will hold the results of the prize draw according to the number of stock index values ​​issued by Stock Exchange of Thailand Which is based on the numbers of the opening – closing of the stock market to issue prizes. In addition, the stock lottery will be divided into other sub-categories such as Thai stock lottery, which can be played 4 rounds per day, Chinese stock lottery can be played 2 rounds per day, Dow Jones stock lottery can be played 1 round per day, and various stock lottery Many more which lottery fans can join in on the fun on online lottery betting service. สมัคร UFABET