Michel congratulates Girona on making history.

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Michel is pleased with Girona goal of survival and the creation of a new chapter in the club’s history. Miguel Ángel Sanchez Muñoz or Michel. The coach of Girona humbly said that his team had achieved their goal of fighting for survival and was happy to create a new chapter in the club’s history. According to a report from ‘Diario Sport‘ last Monday. 

Girona collected 41 points from 16 games after defeating Barcelona 4-2 on Sunday. The team that survives typically has at least 40 points. So Michel was delighted with the performance and believes the fans will enjoy Girona’s performance ทางเข้า UFABET 

‘We are safe with 41 points, we reached the figure much faster than we thought. The whole region will be happy because we have made history and we will not forget it. Our heart is the key to making a team a running back. I was very happy because entering another dimension was like this. We are ready to fight to be at the top.’

‘I am satisfied with the performance. Although I don’t know if we will keep up with Barça and Real Madrid’s pace throughout the season. These players are truly making history. And this is what makes me the happiest. Today, fans of this sport leave the game a little like Girona fans.’