The agent believes that Haaland is the first player to be valued at ‘billion’

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Faela Pimenta believes superstar Erling Haaland will be the first player in the £1bn. Haaland transfer from Dortmund. and Come to play for Manchester City this season for a fee of 51 million pounds before creating a buzz for the new team, scoring 20 goals

, agent Pimenta, who took charge of Haaland after Mino Rai Ola believes the Norwegian striker. Will be the first with a £1bn

“1 billion” transfer value, Pimenta answered without hesitation in an interview with the UFABET  in Italy

. that’s what i think Because if you consider his total football value. from image value. Sponsorship value of course it is one billion.”

“And of course, if you have to compare It is not strange to compare it to Kylian Mbappe because there are few options in the market.”

“I think Erling will be the first player to reach a fee of around $1 billion,”

he said.

“I hope so.”

“If they want to talk today. We’re delighted, why not? It’s always a pleasure.”

Haaland signed a five-year contract with Manchester United, but his father once said: He spent three to four years at the Etihad, and then began to look for new challenges in other European leagues.

According to The Athletic, Haaland’s contract There is a release clause of 200 euros (175 million pounds) that will be available in 2024 and the value will continue to decline over time. and will only be available for non-Premier League teams.

“The condition of Haaland’s release clause? I can’t mention it he is the best His father is a secret.”

“But yes, there is a release clause. It will be available in 2024 for 200 million euros.”